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A Sensitative Restoration for an Iconic Building …

The original architect for the chapel was William Hague Jr., a well-known Irish Roman Catholic ecclesiastical architect, who was active throughout mid- to late-nineteenth-century Ireland, predominantly in Ulster. Throughout his life, he designed a multitude of Roman Catholic churches, many in the French Gothic style. Such influence is replicated in his work on the church in Newtownforbes.

Having been acquired by FK Developments years ago, this iconic building has since been lovingly restored to a level that lends itself as both bold and refreshing. This property has the potential to reflect a business space of high quality that has its foundations in being distinctive. A move into a conceptual space such as Newtownforbes highlights a certain innovativeness of character, that only the bold may venture to embrace.

Visually, this building is historic in its very nature. Its face permeates a bold dominant presence, whilst its interior alludes to a more warm and welcoming atmosphere. Surrounded by a green landscape, with the presence of a total of 21 private car parking spaces, its construction effectively links attractive aspects of the visual with commercially viable opportunities. Being strategically situated on the N4 Dublin / Sligo Road, and being just 5 km from Longford Town Centre, its location ensures prominent visibility and accessible infrastructure. Dublin Airport’s proximity guarantees only an hour and a half’s drive away also.

Adding to the opportunities of this wonderful space, previous encounters with the building reinforce the possibilities available in this large, unique space. Due to the substantial residential areas in its surroundings, Newtownforbes lends itself as a prime location for any budding or already established business enterprise. Whether that is in the form of a technological company, a restaurant, a music studio, training centre this rare property lends itself open to a multitude of business interpretations.